The ELBO Tracker
The ELBO tracker allows you to monitor your ML tasks on your Phone using the ELBO Tracker App
The ELBO Tracker API is an easy way to monitor your tasks on your Phone. Using the API you can log messages, key metrics (numbers), and images. These would show up in your task list on your Phone.
Please install the ELBO Tracker App and log in with your authentication token to see the results of your tasks.
To start instantiate an instance of the Tracker
from elbo.tracker.tracker import TaskTracker
tracker = TaskTracker("Hello World")
Where "Hello World" is the experiment name. Now to log a message just do:
tracker.log_message("Hi there! 👋")
That's it! Similarly logging a metric or an image is as simple:
tracker.log_key_metric("Accuracy", 100.0)
tracker.log_image("An AI generated image of a Cat 🐱", "images/aicat.png")
And finally, upload the logs using:
Make sure you don't forget this step. The upload_logs() API can be called as many times as you would like. Each time it will append to the existing logs. For example, if you are training a model, it may make sense to call this API every epoch.
Once this is done, now you can see the results in your App!
The task list view
The task details view
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